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Why the need for Dog Boots?

Winter Weather Hazards for Dogs

Dog boot fitting winter weather hazards

With cold weather in full swing, the winter months can be a dangerous time for your dog. There are many hazards that occur when there is snow, ice and ice melting chemicals on the ground. However, your dog can still enjoy the great outdoors during winter if you follow a few precautions. To read more, click on image below:  

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Fitting your First Set of Pawsh Pads

Dog boot fitting

 The easiest way to put on the Pawsh Pads booties is to have your dog standing up. Open up the dog boot so the bellows tongue is completely expanded. Put your dog's paw into the boot. Make sure the toes go right to the end by shaking the boot upwards. Tighten the lower velcro strap first and then the upper one. (don't be afraid to tighten.. the straps must be secure and not loose at all.) Now continue will all four paws and you are good to go. At first, your dog may walk funny but it won't take long before...

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