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Name: Wendy Fisher

This is a great product. I've struggled for years trying to get my Scottish Terrier Maggie to wear other types of dog boots. Because her legs are so short, the boots always slipped down her leg onto her paw (even with velcro straps), making it difficult for her to walk. I often lost the boots--once in a blizzard where I attempted retracing our steps--close to impossible. Luckily a friend spotted the boot under some bushes so I was in luck. However, Maggie hated having them put on and never really could walk properly as the length on the leg was always too long. Your boots are an absolutely perfect fit for Maggie. She willingly allows me to put them on and we haven't lost one yet. In fact, she happily gallops down the Toronto snow & salt covered sidewalk in her new boots. I can barely keep up. What a great product. So glad you came up with a design that is Scottish Terrier friendly. Just wanted you to know how happy we are as customers.